This quarter, that honorary person is Jordan Sandstrom. Jordan is a Certfied Medical Assistant who has been with Premier Health since December 2021. She works at St. Joseph’s/Candler Urgent Care in Pooler, GA, and is known for her positve and “can-do” atitude. Jordan has been in the healthcare industry for seven years and has been a certfied medical assistant for the last four. Jordan explained that she first entered the medical field because, “I really enjoy taking care of others and I want to make a difference, so the medical field just felt like where I needed to be. And I like how working within urgent care, you get something different each day. You never know what’s coming through that door!”

“At first I was really surprised to learn I’d been named DifferenceMaker!” Jordan smiled when asked how she felt when she was told the news. “It was really nice to have that appreciation and to be noticed. I do strive to make a difference and show people that we’re in charge of our day. It’s up to you whether it’s going to be a good day or a bad day. I have a natural drive in my work, I remind myself that you never know what someone is going through, you just need to try to be the light. A huge source of inspiration for me is my grandmother. She’s a nurse, and she’s 75 and going back to school to become a nurse practioner!”

We asked Jordan how her time with Premier Health has helped her grow professionally. Jordan expressed how much she appreciated how her own personal goals for her work aligned with Premier’s. “When I had my interview and wanted to start working with Premier, I let them know that I wanted to grow within a company and I’ve had that opportunity. So it’s been great to work with a company that cares about its employees, that has things like DifferenceMaker, and promotes making a difference.”

We tip our hats to Jordan, as well as to all our Premier Family, for going the extra mile every day and living up to our core values of Respect, Service, Quality, and Integrity. Thanks to you, our patients feel valued and cared for every time they walk through our doors.