Mission, Vision and Core Values

Our mission is to provide convenient access to quality, cost-effective urgent care, and occupational health services through a health system branded retail urgent care model. Our vision is to be industry-leading, respected, innovative and financially successful.

We will accomplish our mission and vision through the relentless commitment to these core values.

  • Excellent Clinical Care – Each Premier Health managed market is assigned a Regional Administrator, Medical Director, Center Manager, and Site Lead to make sure the clinics are delivering excellent, consumer-centric care.
  • Compassion – Premier Health’s founding partner is a large, faith-based healthcare system that believes compassion is a fundamental part of the healing process. It’s been an integral part of our patient care processes for more than 20 years.
  • Patient Loyalty – Premier Health recognizes patient experience is critical to the success of our partnerships and employs multiple tactics to earn a customer’s business and ultimately, their loyalty.
  • Partner Awareness – Premier Health understands our health system partners have multiple strategic objectives. Our leadership team prides itself on being aware of those objectives and maintaining alignment as it relates to our joint-venture urgent care operations.
  • Team Member Satisfaction – The competition to hire and keep the best and brightest has never been more intense. That’s why Premier Health’s executive leadership closely monitors retention levels actively working to keep our team members happy and productive.
  • Operational Efficiency – The margin for profitability in urgent care is small. Premier Health constantly tracks and evaluates metrics that pinpoint operational inefficiencies and, when necessary, makes adjustments to ensure the highest level of financial productivity.