With over two decades of success specializing in equity urgent care joint ventures, Premier Health is the partner of choice for some of the nation’s most respected health systems and hospitals.

Premier Health continues on its path of “smart growth” by adding new partners looking for a turn-key partnership, that shares their vision for consumer-driven urgent care.

  • Unparalleled Experience

    A leadership team with more than a century of combined joint-venture, urgent care experience.

  • Turn-key Operations Management

    Our seasoned in-house management teams can oversee every aspect of urgent care operations.

  • Expertise

    With experience comes unique insights for resolving overwhelming financial, political and legal issues.

  • Capital

    Partners reduce financial risk by splitting capital contributions necessary to cover start-up and ongoing operating expenses. Shared risks equal shared rewards.

  • Flexible Approach

    Premier Health is known for offering its partners’ flexible solutions. Starting at the top, our executive leadership team listens. Once we understand a potential partner’s unique needs, we work diligently to create an operating agreement that accommodates each of those areas.

  • Economies of Scale

    Economies of scale are achieved in a variety of areas through volume-based vendor relationships, in addition to management and clinical services.

  • Seamless Integration

    Our joint-venture clinics serve are seamlessly connected to our partner’s family of care through health system branding, EMR connectivity, quality standards, and downstream referrals.

  • Access to New Markets

    Partners are able to achieve higher-level strategic objectives by adding retail-oriented access-to care networks in areas targeted for expansion.

  • Cost Savings

    Partners save money and reduce financial risks through shared resources.

  • Industry Leader

    We are actively involved in helping shape the direction of the on-demand care industry through our involvement in the Urgent Care Association.