Premier Health has been one of the nation’s leading urgent care operators for over 25 years. Whether your consulting needs are clinical, administrative, or both, no one in the consulting world can match the depth of experience and expertise Premier Health offers.

We’re proud of our robust track record of consulting projects. From helping one of the country’s largest health systems launch its first urgent care centers to providing regional and small-market hospital systems with a wide range of consulting services, Premier Health is uniquely qualified to offer the analysis and recommendations necessary to optimize every aspect of urgent care operations.

Services include:

Market Analysis – Urgent Care
  • Complete Market/Demographic Analysis
  • Identify and Analyze Key Site Selection Demographic Information
  • Identify Urgent Care Competitors
  • Identify Site Options and Make Recommendation(s) Regarding Sites
Construction and Lease
  • Manage Bidding Process for Contractors
  • Develop Exterior Site Design in Coordination with Architect/Draftsman
  • Develop Interior Floor Plan, Electrical, and Data Plans in Coordination with Architect/Draftsman
  • Develop and Finalize Finish Schedule (Interior and Exterior Colors, Cabinet Design, Décor Recommendations, etc.)
  • Select Clinic Furniture
  • Manage and Direct Clinic Set-Up (Stock Exam Rooms, Supply Room, and All Areas of Clinic)
  • Manage and Schedule Set-Up Deliveries for Furniture, Equipment, and Supplies
  • Develop 5 Year Financial Projections for De Novo and Existing Sites
  • Develop 5 Year Capital Requirements
  • Develop 5 Year Cash Flow Forecast
  • Develop Staffing Model and Patient Volume Ramp Projections

Revenue Cycle Services
  • Complete Agreement for Billing/Collections Services
  • Establish Charge Master/Fee Schedule
  • Manage Set-Up of Practice Management System
  • Develop Payment Options for Self-Pay Patients

Managed Care and Other Contracting 

  • Negotiate Managed Care Contracts
  • Complete MCO Credentialing
  • Obtain NPI Number
  • Medicare and Medicaid Enrollment (if applicable)
  • Establish Relationships with Key Employer Groups
  • Negotiate Service and Other Agreements
Clinical Operations
  • Develop Urgent Care Policies and Procedures
  • Develop and Implement Process to Streamline Referrals to Health System Affiliates
  • Develop General Safety Plans, Exposure Control, Hazcom, SDS
  • Develop CLIA, Reference Lab, Radiology, SOP, and Quality Control Processes
  • Establish Supply and Medication Formularies
  • Develop Supplies, Equipment, DME, and Medications
  • Develop Emergency Response Protocols
  • Create Evacuation Route Postings
  • Establish Agreements and Scheduling for Biohazard Waste and Hazard Drug Services
  • Establish Oxygen, Fire System Inspections, Document Destruction, and other Regulatory Vendors and Services as indicated

Compliance, Licensure, and Accreditation
  • Develop Compliance Program
  • Establish Compliance Reporting Options
  • Determine State Specific Requirements
  • Obtain Required Permits, Licensure, Notifications, Certifications (CLIA, DOH, etc.)
  • Establish Urgent Care Association (UCA) Membership
  • Submit UCA Certification and Accreditation Attestation
  • Initiate Onsite Survey Preparation
  • Implement Quality Management Initiatives
  • Establish Risk Management Reporting Options (Patient Incidents, Clinical Occurrences, etc.)
Quality Management
  • Develop Urgent Care Appropriateness of Care Clinical Treatment Protocols
  • Develop Quality Safety and Services Standards
  • Define and develop Clinical Quality Measures, Goals, and Tracking
  • Evaluate Staff Training Programs
  • Define and develop Patient Satisfaction Survey Process
  • Evaluate and Assist with selecting X-Ray Equipment
  • Coordinate Shielding Review on X-Ray Room
  • Complete Application to Obtain State Approval on X-Ray Room (DEQ Inspection)
  • Complete Radiology Overread Agreement
  • Ensure X-Ray Storage Capabilities

Human Resources

  • Set Up Payroll, Benefits Administration Database
  • Develop Administrative Policies
  • Develop Job Descriptions
  • Develop Compensation Models (Salary Ranges by Position)
  • Implement Initial Training and Orientation Program
  • Implement Staff Scheduling Templates
  • Develop Employee Performance Evaluation Process

*Not a complete marketing plan. Implemented in coordination with health system

  • Develop Content for Website (Consistent with Health System Website Design)
  • Develop Opening Materials and Promotional Items
  • Write and Submit Press Release to Media
  • Coordinate and Plan Open House

Lead all Activities Related to News Media Inquiries and Media Relations

  • Oversee Training Program and Materials
  • Provide On-Site Training to All Staff Members
  • Train Preceptors
Information Systems
  • Identify IT Systems Equipment and Supply Needs – Including EMR System
  • Explore Options for System Integration
  • Complete EMR System Set-Up (In Coordination with Health System, If Applicable)
  • Practice Management System Set Up (In Coordination with Health System, If Applicable)
  • Reporting Set-Up
  • Create Paper Charts for System Downtimes
  • Work with Quality Management to Ensure Patient Confidentiality
  • Obtain Domain Names
Go-Live Implementation
  • Pre Go-Live Virtual Training and On-Site Go-Live Support
  • Provide Go-Live Implementation Plan
  • Provide Feedback Report on Clinic Progress
  • Provide Post-Live On-Site Training Refresher