We’re very proud to present the first DifferenceMaker of the year 2024 for Premier Health- Jessica Watson! Jessica first began her career with Premier Health in 2018 as an LPN with Lake Urgent Care before joining the Compliance team in March of 2020. She now serves as the Accreditation and Certification Program Manager.

“I really wanted to be a nurse since I was a little girl,” Jessica said, “and I didn’t do it until later in life. The main reason I became a nurse was because I just like helping people. It was just something I always wanted to do. I originally came from Primary Care, so that’s a bit different from Urgent Care because it’s the same patients over and over. But with urgent, care, there’s always something different coming in. You never know who’s going to come through the door.”

When she was asked about what she loved most about working with compliance, Jessica answered “I like getting to meet all the people in the clinics, doing the setup, the site visits, the training. I like to meet new people.” This passion and drive is seen by her team members, and the clinics she works with. The time she gives to ensure that they have the knowledge and the tools they need to succeed is not unnoticed, which is part of the reason why she was nominated as DifferenceMaker.

We want to thank Jessica for giving so much time and energy to her entire team. The Compliance team works constantly to ensure our clinics have the support they need, and that Premier Health maintains its certifications. Well done to Jessica for your contribution in this process! We are grateful for your dedication to serving those around you and working to ensure that our clinics offer the highest quality of healthcare, which are also things that Premier Heath strives for every day.