Flexible, Turn-Key Partnership Model

Premier Health’s experience as a joint-venture urgent care operator is only surpassed by the flexible approach we take to creating each turn-key partnership model. Premier Health understands no two partners are the same, which is why we customize our joint-ventures to fit the strategic needs and objectives of each partner. Premier’s turn-key partnership model is comprehensive in scope covering every aspect of urgent care development and operations. Services Premier Health offers its joint-venture partners include.

Testing Blood
  • Market Analysis
  • Site Development
  • Financial Management and Analytics
  • Strategy
  • Payer Relations
  • Clinical Oversight
  • Compliance
  • IT
  • Operations
  • Revenue Cycle Services
  • Human Resources
  • Sales/Marketing
  • Occupational Medicine
  • Employer Health Solutions
  • Telehealth


As the 1st urgent care operator to specialize in health system branded joint-ventures, Premier Health is the recognized leader in the retail health industry. Since the opening of our first clinic in 1999, Premier Health has continued to set the standard for the delivery of modern, on-demand and occupational healthcare services. Here are just some examples of Premier’s leadership and innovation.

  • As part of its active participation in the national Urgent Care Association, Premier Health literally wrote “the books” on urgent care. Our in-house industry experts co-authored and, in many cases, authored many of the manuals, used as reference guides by urgent care operators across the country today.
  • Premier Health is the first urgent care operator in the nation to receive the College of Urgent Care Medicine’s Antibiotic Stewardship Commendation as part of its own comprehensive initiative to limit the overuse of antibiotics.
  • Premier Health worked with U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy and the Urgent Care Association passing legislation giving military veterans same-day urgent care and is the 1st to offer those services at its affiliated clinics.
  • Premier Health has pioneered virtual technology to create no-wait options for patients at crowded clinics through Premier’s telemedicine, load-balancing initiative.
  • Premier Health is an innovator in employee benefits creating a mobile app that gives team members instant assessments for non-emergency conditions.
  • In response to a national health emergency, Premier Health launched one of the first Opioid monitoring and patient education programs used in an urgent care setting.

Clinical Excellence

Ensuring each patient that walks into a Premier Health joint-venture urgent care clinic receives excellent clinical care is at the heart of everything we do. That commitment starts with qualified, highly trained providers, but that’s only the beginning.

  • Premier’s joint-venture clinics were among the first urgent care operators in the country to be accredited by the Urgent Care Association – the nation’s preeminent trade association for the urgent care industry.
  • Premier Health operates as a seamless extension of our health system partner with a built-in continuity of care approach that includes streamlined referral processes.
  • Premier Health’s clinical management structure is built around regional and on-site leadership.
  • Premier Health utilizes comprehensive Quality and Compliance monitoring programs that include provider peer reviews.
  • Premier Health supports ongoing Continuing Medical Education for its clinical staff as part of a robust benefits package.


In today’s highly competitive, urgent care environment, Premier Health understands the significant role patient experience plays in the successful operation of our joint-ventures. That’s why we devote significant time, energy, and resources ensuring our clinics are consumer-focused. Embracing a retail-like approach in our day-to-day operations helps make our affiliated clinics a clear and easy choice for patients. Premier Health is committed to:

  • Choosing easily accessible A+ locations for our joint-venture clinics.
  • Making the patient experience fast and easy with tactics like mobile, paperless registration, and check-in.
  • Operating clinics 7-days a week with convenient hours.
  • Implementing consumer-centric training programs for all staff positions.
  • Striving to earn 5-Star reviews from every patient.
  • Aggressively tracking patient satisfaction scores by providing and clinic.
  • Placing special emphasis on the fit-and-finish of each clinic.
  • Incorporating child play areas so kids have fun when, or if, there’s a short wait.
  • Offering amenities like free Wifi and a coffee bar.
  • Providing a broad scope of services including Occupational Medicine.
  • Accepting most major insurance plans by contracting with a broad cross-section of payers.
  • Utilizing “Fast-Pass” follow-up care options to expedite referral process when appropriate.

Health System Branding

Operating under our partner’s name is at the heart of Premier Health’s pledge, “Our Experience. Your Brand. It’s a strategic decision that was made when Premier opened its 1st joint-venture urgent care clinic more than 20 years ago. We base our no co-branding approach creates a competitive advantage based on a number of factors.

  • Research shows healthcare consumers prefer to visit an urgent care clinic that is affiliated with a health system.
  • Leverages existing health system brand to generate instant brand equity
  • The familiarity of a respected health system brand inspires trust.
  • Operating under our partner’s brand reinforces Premier’s commitment to operating as a seamless extension of our health system partner family of care.

While our branding philosophy is an integral part of Premier’s strategic approach, there have been instances in which have not used our partner’s name at the health systems request. Premier’s flexibility allows for that approach allows for that as well.


Premier Health is recognized as a leader in the urgent care industry. There are many ways Premier leads.

  • We were the first urgent care operator to specialize in health system branded urgent care joint-ventures.
  • With more than 100 years collectively, Premier Health is unrivaled in our level of experience in both urgent care and occupational health services.
  • Our founding physicians serve as Corporate Medical Directors and still see patients.
  • Premier is well-known for its leadership in the Urgent Care Association and was among the first to embrace and promote industry-wide UCA urgent care accreditation.
  • Together with the Urgent Care Association, Premier played a key role in creating industry best-practices manuals that are still in use today.
  • The first urgent care operator in the nation to earn an Antibiotic Stewardship Commendation for patient education from the College of Urgent Care Medicine.
  • Supported the Urgent Care Association in its push to gain Congressional support for a law giving veterans access to urgent care outside the VA system.
  • Commitment to innovation through the use of telemedicine for load-balancing in our clinics.