At Premier Health, we constantly try to “Make a Difference” in the lives of each of our patients, and our clinical team members in our affiliated clinics are right on the forefront of this effort. Our clinical team at St. Joseph’s/Candler Urgent Care in Hinesville, GA, did that in a very real way recently. When a patient came in with shortness of breath and chest pain, the team acted quickly, triaging, evaluating, and x-raying the patient. They not only kept the patient stable while the ambulance was on its way, but they also comforted and assured her, showing great compassion in a frightening moment. The team later received a call from the patient thanking them for what they had done and told them the doctor had said that the urgent care team saved her life.

This is a great example of “Making a Difference” in action. The team provided an invaluable service to their patient by providing her with not only medical care, but also with great compassion and respect. Thank you to the team, and job well done!